Marko Budiša

Backend developer

Programming first peaked my interest relatively late – it was during my undergraduate studies, but it was no doubt love at the first line of code!
Even though I primarily focused on web development, it turned out backend development and working with Node.js suits me best. As I’ve always been fond of finding solutions to complex problem and building things from scratch, I am thankful for this programming position that allows me to do what I love and excel at.

The job of a backend developer is very dynamic, and every day brings plenty of opportunities to encounter new problems and interesting technologies and to become an even better developer.

I am a huge sports fan (and I am better at watching than actually playing), and football is what drives my sports passion, ever since I was a child. I wish I got a chance one day to work as a football manager, if they ever looked for somebody with a dev background😁!





Good mood