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Since we have started Codemancy Studio, we wanted to bring together people who share the same goal – to learn and become experts in their fields. And we did it! Now, all the departments in our studio are composed of individuals whose will and perseverance has made them into the specialists in Back-end Web Development, Full-stack Web Development and UX/UI Design. Surely, this is not the end to their learning. It is a never-ending process that we thoroughly enjoy!

Codemancy team

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Our true motivation lies in innovation and customer satisfaction. The most valued characteristic of our team is the devotion to customers and the quality of the services we provide. Our expertise is a high-end digital service in all spheres – Full-Cycle Web Development, Web Design and Creative design. We have done development and design in a large number of projects for our partners and clients over the past five years. Codemancy Studio team enjoys enhancing client’s business. We work both on their existing ideas and strategies, and on creating new ones from scratch. All our projects here in Codemancy are carried out by a high-skilled team of experts.

The range of services we provide includes E-commerce and Web Application solutions, UX and UI design as well as Web Design solutions.

Saša Veličković

Partner and Consultant

Nenad Andrejević

Partner and Back-end Web developer

Darko Milenković

Partner and Web Designer

Nemanja Jotić

Financial Consultant

Dušan Mitrović

Partner and Full-stack Web Developer

Miodrag Vidojković


Andriana Miladinović

Operations Manager

Nikola Olarić

Back-end Developer

Sandra Marković

Full-stack Web Developer

Ana Mitrović

Digital Marketing & Design Manager

Milena Blagojević

Back-end Developer

Đorđe Stojanović

Client Manager

Anastasios Spanos

QA Engineer

Uroš Terzić

Back-end Developer

Marija Veljković

Back-end Developer

Milan Stanković

Front-end Developer

Katarina Tonić

People Operations Manager

Sara Milovanović

Back-end Developer

Marko Budiša

Back-end Developer

Milica Prvulović

Frontend Developer

Filip Stamenković

Full-stack Developer

Marko Kostić

Back-end Developer

Matea Milosavljević

Back-end Developer

Slađan Milenović

IT Administrator

Damjan Denić

Full-stack Developer

Predrag Aleksov

Full-stack Developer

Nikola Živković

QA Tester

Danica Stojanović

Project Manager

Mihajlo Petrović

Client Manager

Mila Teokarević

UX/UI Designer

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