Development Process

This is how full-stack development looks like

Step No. 1

Research and Planning

The first step in the process of development is a wide range research that includes finding the best possible solutions for both development and business models. In this phase, the whole architecture and scope of the project is being defined, as well as all needed tools and technology. This pre-production phase gives the client insight into the resources needed for the project production. Our team works on already planned projects but also has the resources to do them from scratch.

Step No. 2


Beside graphic solution, our design team always looks for new and innovative ways to improve the accessibility, enjoyment, and usability of projects. We work hard on both the aesthetics and functionality of the product and aspire to always create it to be intuitive and user-friendly. Every client will be presented with how his product or service could look like and function based on the Design Document we provide.

Step No. 3


In this stage, all previously defined functionalities and aesthetics are developed. It includes several stages in realization, starting with the prototype and ending with the product our clients are satisfied with. The quality of the service we provide is our first priority and we work with the newest technologies available. Iteration ends with Quality Assurance that will allow our client to be sure his product is bug-free.

Step No. 4

Quality Assurance

Before any of our products reaches the client, it has to go through our internal Quality Assurance processes. Testing and verification of the product is the key phase in our development process. It is an essential part of having a complete and bug-free product presented to a client. To assure the QA runs smoothly, and maximize the quality of a product, our QA process has multiple layers of testing for which we employ the whole team and various approaches.

Codemancy Studio consists of professionals specialized in Back-end development, Full-stack development and UX/UI Design. Our firm is based in Niš, Serbia.
Step No. 5

Deployment and Testing

To make sure that the product or service functions the way it is supposed to and is well adjusted for its target audience, we need to test it. That requires a target audience to provide us with feedback on how intuitive and user-friendly they think the product or service is. If there is a chance to improve the product or service, we will be glad to make the necessary changes.

Step No. 6

Maintenance and Support

Some services and platforms require constant maintenance and development support. It is always best that the developers who created something have a part in maintaining, and if needed fixing it, as they are most familiar with it. If an error or any sort of difficulty with the product or service occurs, our team is here for you!

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