Milan Stanković

Frontend Developer

I work as a Front-end web developer and, simply put, my job is to ensure that website visitors can easily interact with the page. Developing, maintaining, and optimizing user experience alongside with creating designs that work well on all devices and on all browsers are part of my everyday work. Web development has always interested me as such, but since the area itself is too large, I had to choose one part of it to start with. The thing that helped me the most with my choice is that whenever I would open any website, the first thing that would attract my attention was what that site looks like. Since I also dabble with designs, layouts, and responsiveness of sites – I wondered: “Why wouldn’t I learn about this and then make it look even better?”

I’m also a very big fan of video games, or to put it in one word – a gamer. I play different types of games with an emphasis on real-time strategies that I think are the hardest to be good at. I became semi-professional in Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2, but going to school, working, and playing games professionally doesn’t go hand in hand, so I decided that games should be a hobby and made work my priority.

Sport enthusiast (Formula 1)




Love stupid jokes


Don't like coffee