Darko Milenković

Partner and Web Designer

I’m really good at making other people see things my way. Being a Senior Web and Graphic designer helps a bit, I guess. My strong points are creating or using WordPress themes, Visual Identity, UX, designing graphics and photo manipulation. In short, if software and colors are included, I’m in charge of it. I can even code a little (only frontend to be fair) if there is no one nearby I can push the responsibility on to.

Being a people person, and always in the right, gives me an adequate skill set to mingle in Digital Marketing (emphasis on Digital) world as well.
A few years of having to read customers’ minds gave me a unique opportunity to learn what people want. I also get to rub in my coworkers’ mistakes and have them be happy about it.
People are strange… When you lead the QA.

Outside of work, I’m a proud father of two, a gamer and a drummer.







Star Wars