Anastasios Spanos

QA Engineer

Since I can remember, I have been able to notice every single detail, failure or mistake in everything I came across. I was completely aware that it was quite annoying for my surroundings, but luckily there is a job that “uses” those skills perfectly.
So if there is anyone who still has a doubt and can’t guess what job I’m talking about, I’ll help… I am a QA engineer, or a postman for bad news for developers. To make the long story short, creating test cases, and more test cases, to identify the issues with software, even before it is launched, is my “cup of tea”, or, better suited to us, Greeks, it’s my “cup of coffee”.
When I’m not hunting for bugs, I spend my time taking photos because photography is one of my passions, or watching one of the million TV shows, or documentaries that I’m following.



Solving Rubik cube




TV shows