Nikola Živković

QA Tester

The role of a Quality Assurance tester holds vital significance in the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of software development and is vital for ensuring the delivery of high-quality software solutions.

Fueled by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I am persistently driven in my unwavering commitment to attain perfection, thereby laying the groundwork for a steadfast foundation of quality and lawlessness.

Mild OCD has unexpectedly become a positive force in my career as a Software QA Tester. Thanks to that, my attention to detail has transformed into a valuable asset. I possess an innate ability to identify even the slightest discrepancies on a day-to-day basis as well as within software systems, leaving no room for oversight. Although OCD can present challenges in daily life, leveraging its positive aspects has made it a catalyst for my success in the software testing field.

Even though I am the bearer of bad news to the developers, the product that we are collaboratively working on as a team becomes stronger and more resilient with each obstacle we overcome. My firm dedication to quality ensures that the software I test meets and exceeds industry standards. I consistently go the extra mile to identify and resolve issues, striving for nothing less than excellence.







Bearer of bad news to the developers