Milica Prvulović

Front-end Developer

If you hear someone saying: “I just have one short question” – run!
It is rarely short, and even less often just one. My mentors have gone through this many times, as well as colleagues who are always (fortunately for me) willing to selflessly share their knowledge or have simply realized that there is no salvation for them until I get the answers. My wish is to one day find myself on the other side of that question. With great power comes great responsibility. 😀

I work as a front-end developer, my current focus is JavaScript, TypeScript and HTML / CSS. I would like to improve my knowledge over time in other areas, which is why I often ask my colleagues from the dark side of development to show me the magic of the back-end. I think that the work of a programmer is very creative, there are always different approaches, more ways to make (and break) things and you can always do better!

In my free time I draw. I have a desire to learn animation, as well as to try my hand at developing video games. I like to read fantasy (especially epic), thrillers and mysteries. I like crime/investigation shows, various documentaries, cartoons,… I like lots of things, but not mornings, always need one more snooze on the alarm. Forever sleepless. Everything that is beer and that is creative – let’s go!

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