Marko Kostić

Back-end Developer

Since my childhood, I’ve always been interested in technology and the way things work. That curiosity led me to always examine the details of what I was dealing with and convinced me that there was a solution for every problem. Afterward, I decided to become a software engineer, and now I work as a back-end developer. This position challenges me on a daily basis to keep finding the most elegant solution for every problem. Clean code and its optimization are my passions. I am always amazed at elegant and seamless solutions in every branch of software development.

Personally, the back-end developer position opened a secret door to the abstract world of ideas. It offers plenty of space for fancy logic created by you. When I am not developing, you can always find me in the local gyms. I am also a huge gamer, and that is the only time you can see me nervous. I’m always interested in discussing any challenges or obstacles in development and I am very receptive to new and great ideas.

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