Katarina Tonić

People Operations Manager

What do you get when you combine an introvert psychologist who is in love with both music and psychological pathology? Well, you get an HR Manager in Codemancy Studio! Ok, those things may not be related, but you have to admit that an attempt was made.

Glibness aside, experience in working with children and years of being surrounded by programmers makes understanding co-workers over a cup of coffee a breeze.

Glibness aside (for real this time), within the CDM group my position is that which involves partly administrative duties, partly personal development plans for my coworkers, partly organizing internal activities, candidate selection processes, and especially days off management which makes me rather popular. My favorite part of the job is chatting up my coworkers about a wide range of topics. This always ends in one of two ways: we either have no idea where we started and how we got to the topic we’re on right now, or it ends with a lot of laughter and jokes.

My free time involves a lot of reading, running and hiking.

All in all, it’s a pleasure working with my collective, even during the gloomy weather and with lower doses of caffeine than I consider mandatory.





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