Filip Stamenković

Full-stack Developer

My goal is to be the swiss knife developer, which basically means I am interested in a whole lot of different tech topics from front-end to back-end, from game dev and engine programming to artificial intelligence development – yes, I want to know it all 😇. This makes me really enjoy working as a full stack developer because I get to dabble with both back- and front-end. I like mastering different technologies and understanding the theory and the nitty-gritty that makes all of that work.

I am always happy to help and I enjoy explaining things to others so never feel afraid to ask me anything, I will do my best to help out!

In my free time, I like to lift weights and play video games, though lately, I haven’t had enough time to do the latter, but I am working on fixing that 😅. I also am quite a history buff and I do enjoy books and reading, but similar to gaming I need to find some time for this as well.

I am constantly joking around, even when the time is not right for that, which can get annoying and I am eternally grateful for my friends having the patience to stand me and my peculiar sense of humor.

Juggling multiple technologies


Good jokes


Spamming your chat with memes


Forbidden esoteric knowledge of random topics