Dragan Stoiljković

Project Manager

For a good part of my professional (and not only professional) life, I was interested in finding out how and why something works, which means looking at all the parts of a whole, and then seeing how all those parts fit together into that same whole, and, more importantly, how they fit together; whether something can be changed or moved – in a word, I like to play with the pieces of the puzzle and try to make something new from what is present, which will bring new functionalities and interesting ideas from which innovations are usually born.

Hence the desire for PM jobs within various industries. That profession chose me more rather than I chose it, although, judging by the type of video games I like to play (all possible RTS titles plus Civilization from IV to VI), it is possible that there is something at the subconscious level of my personality that led me to it. Without intending to sound pathetic, I like to find out and learn new things, because a person learns while he or she is alive (there is no other way of saying it). Maybe that is the only real proof that a person is alive, as long as said person is learning new things.

In my spare time, I play drums, collect vinyl albums, dungeons ‘n’ dragons miniatures, and 3D terrains, practice karate, read Jung and Yalom, raise small children, a large dog, and finally a medium-sized cat.

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