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Let Us Introduce Codemancy

Codemancy is a full-stack development studio, made of young people who are dedicated to the roles they have chosen in this team. Our development team, made of awesome Back-end and Full-stack developers, also happens to be the biggest team Codemancy can boast of. In addition, there is a well-structured management crew whose focus is on creating a productive environment for the development team, while ensuring an unobstructed flow of information and necessary working conditions. Devising functionalities and designing visual concepts falls on our designers.

All of these people are united by the idea that working and creative processes should be stress-free, facilitated by mutual help and support. By doing so, as well as by selflessly sharing knowledge, everyone will be able to develop professionally and personally much faster and with more ease. Pleasant environment and positive energy in our workplace are something we are very proud of. However, we recommend you check it out yourself!

What We Stand For

We truly believe that the thirst for knowledge is one of the essential characteristics of our work culture, in addition to being able to rely on the collective knowledge of your team, if the situation calls for it! And we are proud of doing this without any pressure or anxiety, as part of the responsibility all of us feel towards our team. In the long run, the mixture of these qualities is what we consider the recipe for success!



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People Operations Assistant

If you have a background in social studies and you’re at the beginning of your professional career you might be what we need. We are searching for someone who enjoys working with people (we know it ain’t easy), who is patient, calm and assertive in communication. If this is you, you would probably be welcome here!

We need someone to help our team in managing internal processes, organizing meetings and providing assistance during hiring processes. During this course at Codemancy Studio, your focus will be on communication and assistance to our People Operations Manager on daily administrative tasks. We need someone who has great organizational skills and does not have a problem with public speaking!

We expect you to work within our internal processes, be responsive in daily communication and help with the administrative work. Research and assistance in optimizing the processes is also on the table. Codemancy’s People Ops Assistant is a 3-month full time paid trial period. And if we feel that you are the right fit, we can consider continuing the work relationship. Being eager to learn and making progress is a very preferable qualification for our team, as we enjoy building our community with achievers. We respect the process of formal education and accompanying duties of our team members, so we are giving our best to meet all your needs throughout your studies. Preferable education profiles for this role are those with a background in psychology or sociology.


  • Trustworthy and kind person
  • Basic computer skills
  • Great Organizational and Communication skills
  • Comfortable with public speaking
  • Good command of English language (both written and spoken)
  • Education or background in Psychology or Sociology (Communication and Management studies are also acceptable)
  • Working from the office in Niš
  • No previous working experience is required

It would be seen as an advantage if you:

  • Completed any course or workshop that is HR related
  • Have completed HR internships elsewhere
  • Any related working experience

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Back-end Web Developer

We always search for devoted Back-end Web developers to join our team!
If you are into Node.js or C# and ASP.NET and already have some working experience, don’t hesitate to send us your CV. Be sure that our People Ops Manager will contact you as soon as she goes through your application. We look forward to having great new members in our Back-end development department. Let’s win this game together!

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