Uroš Terzić

Back-end Developer

My first encounter with Codemancy was a few years ago, during an internship, and fun fact: I was (unofficially) the first intern ever at Codemancy. Unfortunately, at that time, our paths seemed to diverge. As it often happens in life, our paths crossed again recently, and long story short, I started working as one of the backend developers, wielding C# as my main weapon, although I have many secondary weapons.

I’m up for anything, anytime – from sleeping in on lazy mornings, having drinks mid-day, to hanging out late into the night.

I am a little bit of a car enthusiast.

I am not a big fan of sports, but I try to give it my all in any of them, if I get to play them. I’m somewhat a dreamer, and one of those dreams is being a race-car driver, but hey, life had other things in store for me.

Oh yeah, I didn’t forget, I’m still waiting for the official recognition of being the first intern, unofficially. There is more to me than meets the eye, feel free to take a journey and get to know me better.



Late night drives