Saša Veličković

Partner and Consultant

Starting off as a UX/UI designer, my primary job was figuring out How Things Are Supposed to Work. Not much has changed there since I decided to “level up” and tackle leading this bright collective. I can’t really complain about how things are going so far. Let’s say 3.6 (not great, not terrible), but the best is yet to come that is for sure!
My curiosity and inability to focus on one thing at the time, have led me to learn about Tech and Business Consulting. One day, out of nowhere, “unexpected” circumstances pulled me out of the designer’s comfort zone and started aiming me at serious problems. Now I tackle a different kind of challenging and exciting issues. This process is also known to some as becoming a leader.

I’m a complete nerd on all interactive things and spend too much time designing mechanics, so instead of sleeping I’ve been learning and practicing Game Design. To maintain my sanity I read, play bass guitar and spend an unhealthy amount of time playing video games.

“Not now, I’m on a call”




Early Riser


Dodging Administrative Work