Sandra Marković

Full-stack Web Developer

I am a full-stack web developer currently completing studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. At the moment, the main areas of my work focus on HTML, CSS and JS. However, I also intend to improve and expand my knowledge and skills in the field of backend.

My preferred way of spending free time is with friends (human and animal) hanging out in nature. I am a very active and energetic person who loves trying out new things. I trained volleyball, tennis, and even tried shooting for a short time. One sport I completely found myself in is horse riding.

What also describes me is the fact that the moment I show up, I bring a lot of energy and craziness, that my colleagues can’t ignore even if they tried. Instead, they choose to join me, and they are very good at it, which makes me even happier.

The amount of nonsense I make in a day


Horse and dog whisperer


Being shy


In charge of the entertainment