Pavle Aleksov

Back-end Developer

Since I’ve always been interested in computers, writing code was an obvious choice in my life; the choice of the programming language, however, was not. I’ve jumped from C to Java, back to C – but this time with two pluses next to it, and finally found the golden mean. Yes, you guessed it! It’s C#. As a back-end developer, I mainly use it to build ASP.NET Core Web APIs, with endpoints to be hit by my fellow front-end colleagues.

Aside from work, I like to improve my skills on Stack Overflow, usually reading other peoples’ answers, but sometimes composing one of my own. As written text is my preferred form of communication, I do appreciate a well written question!

When I don’t code, I play video-games and hang out with friends. Putting these two activities into the same event is what I call heaven. I also enjoy listening to music and watching TV shows. I should mention browsing memes as one of my main sources of entertainment, especially those with cats and caracals.





Music listener and appreciator


Small cats and caracals