Nikola Stanojković

Back-end developer

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be an engineer. And being, mainly a back-end developer is a big part of my journey. Nowadays, I spend most of my working hours solving problems using JavaScript or C# as well as sometimes fiddling with front-end frameworks.
I would say that my job mostly consists of endeavors to find a balance between finishing tasks fast and spending large amounts of time trying to find a perfect solution. A dreamer, like myself, often gets caught thinking about the impossible, perfectly organized – clean and readable code, much more than needed.

During the breaks, I like to watch TV series, listen to or even make some music, ride a bike or run. Most of the time though, you can recognize me wearing a flannel shirt while babbling about all the new music I’ve recently discovered.

Calm and collected


Music nerd


Baby Face


Early Bird