Milena Blagojević

Back-end Developer

Since my dreams about becoming a singer had gone astray early in my childhood, I found my true calling in writing ‘Hello World’ on the screen, countless lines of code and fixing my own bugs… Every little girl’s fantasy, right?

Now I can proudly say that I’m a backend developer, and aside from Harry Potter, Stackoverflow is my best friend. I’m experienced in working in different technologies, but at the end of the day, .NET is the place to be. I’m pretty chill by nature, so some of my hobbies are reading books, especially fantasy novels, cooking and trying out different cuisines and not talking about programming in my spare time. Many of my friends, who prefer not to code, think that’s my best trait. Also, did I mention that I love reading and/or watching Harry Potter?



Crazy cat lady




The Wheel of Time fan