Marija Veljković

Back-end Developer

I have started fulfilling my dreams when I started working at Codemancy. The knowledge and interests acquired during my studies have led me to backend development, so at the moment I am working as a backend developer in Node.js. However, I have to mention that my first true love was C#. 😊

Working as a developer proves to be quite interesting, as you get to learn a lot every day. Being surrounded by people who selflessly share their knowledge has a big impact on how much I enjoy working in this company and my team.

Since I was a kid, I believed I could do anything I want, so I took up volleyball, handball, folk dance, choir singing, and I was even a member of a children’s theater group. And now… my hobbies are baking delicious sweets and strolling. I am trying my best to spend my free time with my supportive family members who always try to participate in my hobbies.

Working out


Watching my favorite domestic TV show ``Porodično blago``


Nature lover


Raspberry lover