Luka Stojanović

Flea Marketer, "WillBeDone" Manager

Once you have mastered the philosophy and psychology of the flea market, everything else becomes easier. Once I’ve achieved such goal, the only logical choice was to move on to digital marketing. To be the best salesman on the flea market you need to thoroughly plan every step and that helped me build the skill set for marketing planning. In constant communication with the customers I’ve learned that the client relations are very important, and that has made me into a kind Account Manager. To make a brand out of something is not that hard, but to make it out of nothing is worthy of notice. The skills I put on the market are SEO, Social Media advertising and Market research. Getting up early and preparing for the market has made me responsible and devoted marketer. To rest from work I enjoy playing bass guitar, riding a bicycle and hiking in the mountains.





Mustache and Beard


Bass guitar and Effects