Jelena Nikolić

Project Manager

My passion (read: OCD) for structure in life and at work found its way in creating to do lists, list of lists and documents of lists and in the pleasure of marking things on the list done at the end of the day. You guessed right, I’m a Project Manager – the unreasonable person making plans despite every probability things will NOT go according to the plan.

As someone with no technical background, you cannot even imagine how many questions I have for developers, but I always lie and say “I have one question and it won’t take more than 4 minutes”. Of course it will and I won’t understand the technical part of the answer, but I still take every chance to chase every Project Manager’s dream that a developer will explain anything in plain terms. However, being a linguist I use the translation skills I acquired while studying the structure of German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch and Chinese to decode the messages from another universe and take notes for my masterplan to bust the structure of this alien language one day.

When not exhibiting my OCD at work I read about how other people implement the structure in their life. For entertainment I work out in the morning, practice my non-techy kind of introversion at home and read books about real life drama, including Harry Potter. Which is real life, right? Right?!

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