Dušan Mitrović

Partner and Full-stack Web Developer

When things get rough, I get to work. Millions tried to conjure a proper short definition of what I do, mixing in all the skills I have. They included my main specialties JavaScript/jQuery, HTML/CSS, PHP/WP and many of my very cool and absolutely pointless skills, like organizing logos by shape and color or making life-threatening decisions in a moments notice. The closest they got to the universal truth is this: I’m a self-propelled strong opinion projector.
This is a very good definition, but not profound enough, in my opinion. It’s more precise to say “I’m a Self-propelled, UX-driven JavaScript interface developer with a very strong opinion”. But that may be too long, so it’s not very user-friendly.
When I’m not saving planet Client from a certain and complete destruction, I like investing my time into video games, reading and relaxing far away from human contact.

Keeping a smile after work




Project Architecture chain-smoking


Cool useless skills