Andriana Miladinović

Shadow worker / Wallflower

My childhood dream of becoming a writer took a turn and here I am now, working in a Digital Marketing team. I kind of got what I wished for since my work includes writing blogs. I also do SEO and manage social media platforms. While I create and manage a presence on the Internet for others, I prefer to stay anonymous myself. I occasionally stalk our client’s competitors, do research and advise them on how to improve their business. Like Jekyll and Hyde, I am highly skilled in Public relations and Communications, but prefer not to talk when I don’t need to. I enjoy doing all the quiet work that goes on in the background. Fascinated with all the ways people communicate around the world, I have a passion for languages and art. In my free time, I like to learn new things and spend time on outdoor activities.

Hates to be photographed


Language enthusiast


Remembering names