Andriana Miladinović

People Operations Manager

My childhood dream of becoming a babysitter took a turn and here I am now, working in a Development company as a People Operations Manager. I kind of got what I wished for since my work includes babysitting developers and managers (haha, not so funny Andriana you are an HR manager). Having an understanding of my colleagues and their excuses, as well as an ability to keep composure qualified me to take on the People Operations Manager role in our team (It’s definitely not because I was also the sole candidate).

Like Jekyll and Hyde, I am highly skilled in Public Relations and Communications, but prefer not to talk. I enjoy doing all the quiet work that goes on in the background. Fascinated with all the ways people communicate around the world, I have a passion for languages and art. In my free time, I like to learn new things and spend time on outdoor activities.

Hates to be photographed


Language enthusiast


Remembering names