Ana Mitrović

Digital Marketing & Design Manager

I am a Graphic Designer, also known as Crazy Pencil Lady, interested in Illustrations, Animations and Motion Graphics. Specialized in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Infinity Designer. Besides that, I am also interested in Marketing and Branding. As an illustrator, it fascinates me how you can create and use visual identity to help people identify with a product. Ever since I was a child cartoon animations have bewitched me, and someday I hope to create my own animated cartoon. I like weird music that often irritates my colleagues, such as K-pop. In spare time I like to spam my Instagram followers with artwork and pictures of my husky dog. Addicted to video games Guild Wars and Anno1440.

Coffee Addict


K-Pop Psycho


Siberian Husky Lover


Drawing Supplies Hoarder